Our Frequently Asked Questions section is intended to provide answers to questions that you might have while going through My Course Preferences. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to e-mail the Orientation Coordinator at summerorientation@wittenberg.edu or call 937-327-7891 with your questions and we'll be happy to assist you. 

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Welcome Week
[]  What’s the schedule for New Student Days?

New Student Days takes place Thursday, August 17 through Sunday, August 20, 2017.  Parents can attend the first day on August 17.  A schedule for both new students and parents can be found online here: www.wittenberg.edu/newstudentdays


[]  What should we pack? Will we have help moving in?

The Office of Residence Life has a great list of what to bring and what not to bring (http://www.wittenberg.edu/administration/residencelife/newres.html)!  We strongly recommend you mark all of your stand-alone items/boxes with your name and room number.  On August 20, there will be students, faculty and staff to help you unload your vehicle and bring items to your room.


[]  How do I get to campus and where do I park when I’m moving in?

When you arrive to campus, there will be directional signage for each residence hall.  You can also find maps for each hall here: http://www.wittenberg.edu/administration/student_involvement/newstudentdays/gethere.html.
You will probably be one of many vehicles lined up to check in and the staff helping will check you in and unload vehicles ahead of you as quickly as possible.  You will pull up close to a door outside your residence hall, unload your vehicle, and then Wittenberg Police officers will direct you to parking.  There is ample parking around campus and a good place to park is always the Benham-Pence Student Center or the Krieg Hall across the road.  Both are at the cross-section of Fountain and Ward Avenues.

[]  When can I show up to move in? Do I have to arrive at a certain time?

New students move in on Thursday, August 21 from 8:00-11:00am.  If you are participating in Summer College or are a fall athlete that needs to arrive early for pre-season, you will move in earlier (check with your coach).  On August 21, you should expect to arrive before 10:00am at the latest so you have time to move your belongings into your room and start to unpack.  You may have to wait in a line to check in, but the staff helping with move in will move quickly to get you checked in and your belongings moved into your room. After 11:00am you can still check in, but our student, faculty and staff helpers will have other obligations and will not be able to help you move into your room. 

[]  Where can my family stay the night before move in?

There are several local accommodations in the Springfield area.  A list can be found online here: http://www5.wittenberg.edu/about/springfield/accommodations

[]  Do I really have to attend all the “required” programs during New Student Days?

Yes!  Most of the programs during New Student Days are not required, but those that are mandatory are so for good reason.  Your first opportunity to be part of the Wittenberg community is during New Student Days and we want you to know everything you need to know to be a contributing part of our community from day one.  

[]  I’m a commuter, do I have to attend?

Yes, commuters are expected to attend all programs marked as mandatory on the New Student Days schedule, with the exception of Move In and the Thursday and Sunday night residence hall meetings.  Commuter students have a mandatory meeting on Thursday, August 20 from 11am – 12:30pm.

[]  I’m a fall athlete and my teammates told me I don’t have to attend New Student Days.

While fall athletes have additional obligations since they are in pre-season, all programs marked as mandatory are required for athletes (except Move In day, if the athlete moved in prior to August 20).  


[]  What’s the Service Plunge?

One of Wittenberg’s values is an engaged and active community and this includes engagement in the local Springfield community.  The annual New Student Days service plunge brings together new and continuing students, faculty and staff in service to Springfield.  Service experiences will include a variety of outdoor and behind the scenes tasks that help local non-profit organizations. The New Student Service Plunge is a time to have fun, meet new people, work hard, and serve your new community.  Participants are strongly encouraged to sign up before you arrive on campus: http://www.wittenberg.edu/administration/student_involvement/newstudentdays/serviceplunge.html

[]  Is the Bookstore open during New Student Days?

Yes, the Bookstore is open to help you secure your fall books as well as purchase official Wittenberg gear.  Hours are posted online here: http://www.wittenberg.edu/administration/student_involvement/newstudentdays/books.html

[]  May I have items shipped to Wittenberg before I arrive on campus?

Yes!  Anything shipped to you before your arrival on campus will be held for you at the Service Center in the lower level of the Benham-Pence Student Center.  Please pick up your package(s) at your earliest convenience once you arrive.

You will have the same mailbox -thus the same address- until you graduate from Wittenberg. Mailboxes are located on the lower level of the Benham-Pence Student Center, and you'll receive your box number and combination on your housing assignment letter. 
PLEASE NOTE:  Your mailing address will differ depending on the method that mail/packages are sent.

Your name
Wittenberg University-Campus Box ______
P.O. Box 6100
Springfield, OH 45501-6100

                                MAIL/PACKAGES SENT VIA FED-EX OR UPS: 
                                 Your name
                                 Wittenberg University-Campus Box ______
                                 734 Woodlawn Avenue
                                 Springfield, OH 45504

General Information
[]  I have a question I want to ask a person. How can I do this?

The Summer Orientation Coordinator will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please feel free to give us a call at (937) 327-7891 or email us at summerorientation@wittenberg.edu 

[]  Where can I find First-Year Seminar Information?

The First-Year Seminars are presented as a selection list in the system, shortly after you indicate your Academic Interests.  You will be presented with a list of them, from which you will need to select a minimum of five First-Year Seminars.

To see additional information about the First-Year Seminar, such as course descriptions and when the class meets, simply click on the [+] link next to the title.

Academic Services
[]  What should I do if I need accommodations because of a disability?

Students who would like to request accommodations for a documented disability should contact the Office of Academic Services.  You will need to provide documentation of your disability to this office. The documentation should not be more than three years old and the assessment/diagnosis must be made by a qualified professional.

Contact Sally Brannan, Disability Services Coordinator at 937-327-6334 or via e-mail at sbrannan@wittenberg.edu with any questions.  

[]  What if I had an IEP in high school? Is that sufficient documentation?

For more detailed information about required documentation, go to: http://www.wittenberg.edu/administration/studentsuccess/academics/disabilityservices.html 

[]  Is my disability information confidential?

Yes. The documentation that a student provides remains in the Academic Services Office. Information is released only by consent from the student on a "need to know" basis.  At no time will a students disability file be permitted to leave the Office of Academic Services.  

[]  If I have a documented disability, can the quantitative and foreign language requirements be waived?

No. Students with disabilities must meet the same academic standards as all other students. However, a request for a course substitution for the foreign language requirement or quantitative requirment may be granted if appropriate.  

[]  When should documentation be submitted?

Please submit all documentation to the Academic Services Office within the first two weeks of the semester.  However, documentation can be turned in at any time in the summer or during the semester.  

[]  If I do not have documentation, can I be tested on campus?

Wittenberg can make referrals to off-campus licensed psychologists who perform psychological evaluations, however, Wittenberg does not do any testing on campus.  

[]  What if I have a physical disability?

Students with physical disabilities should obtain a medical report from their treating physician. The report should state the disability, the impact of the disability, and what, if any accommodations are needed.

[]  What is the process for requesting accommodations?

After documentation from a qualified professional has been reviewed, students must meet with the Disability Coordinato(at the beginning of the semester) to determine eligibility, review accommodations, and recieve their letter of accommodation.

[]  What kinds of resources are available?

Many students with disabilities find the math, writing, foreign language, and oral communication centers particularly helpful. The Disability Services Coordinatoworks with students on an individual basis and with faculty to provide accommodations such as extended time for exams as well as other classroom accommodations.

Residence Life
[]  What are the residence halls like?

Ferncliff, Firestine and New Hall are co-ed by wing. Tower, Myers and the Polis House are co-ed by floor. Woodlawn Hall is an all-female hall. Community bathrooms have several sinks, toilets and showers. Rooms vary in size. Lounges are located on most floors.

[]  Who staffs the halls?

The residence hall staff is comprised of one or more Resident Advisers (RAs) per floor/wing along with either an Area Coordinator (AC) or Community Adviser (CA) residing in each hall. Hall staff are carefully selected and trained to aid you in your transition to Wittenberg. They are dedicated to helping you, your roommate(s), your floor mates and your entire residence hall to build a fun, cooperative and considerate group living environment/learning community. Your RA/CA is a resource for you to utilize for anything from academic difficulties to helping you become adjusted to campus. Your AC is a professional staff member who has received his/her Master’s degree with a heart for working with students to develop the overall community of each hall. They closely monitor the physical facilities and have overall responsibility for their respective halls.

[]  How is my housing assignment made?

Our on-line housing system uses a computer-generated process to match roommates and determine housing assignments.  Incoming students who have paid their enrollment deposit submit their housing survey, housing contract, roommate and housing preferences. 

In order for us to facilitate the best possible roommate matches for each incoming student, we respectfully ask that the student, not the parent or guardian, complete the housing survey.

Residence hall requests are considered based on the date your tuition deposit is/was received by the Admission Office, provided that your housing survey and contract are submitted by the June 1 priority deadline.  Our roommate matching system first finds the person with whom he/she is the best match (on paper) and then searches for the top hall choice they have in common.

NOTE:  At important stages in the housing survey process, you will receive messages to your personal e-mail account from housing@wittenberg.edu.  It is essential that you check your e-mail frequently in order to receive housing information in a timely manner.  Please whitelist this e-mail address so our messages do not go to your SPAM or junk folder.

Spring semester new incoming students:  Your Spring semester hall request is considered based on available spaces and your roommate is assigned based on the information you give in the housing e-mail sent by the Residence Life Coordinator.

[]  What happens if I do not get along with my roommate?

At the beginning of each year, you and your roommate will meet with the Resident Adviser (RA) to discuss roommate relations and establish a set of rights and responsibilities for the year. The RA will work with you to put this into writing and you will each sign a roommate agreement. Should conflicts arise, please contact your RA and he or she will coordinate a meeting with you and your roommate. During this meeting, you will revisit your roommate agreement and attempt to work out your disagreements. If you find that you are unable to resolve the conflict, the Area Coordinator will be consulted and we will work together to determine if further mediation is necessary or if a room change is appropriate. We have a two week room freeze period at the beginning of each semester. During this time, we do not allow any room changes to occur. After this period, we can begin making room changes.

[]  How will I meet other students?

Your residence hall is usually the first place you make friends. Whether you meet someone on move-in day, or you start chatting together in the lounge, or you meet in a hall program such as a movie night or an ice-cream social, or strike up a conversation with someone from one of your classes, you are sure to be interacting with lots of new people from many different places. Wittenberg students normally get involved in many activities, which is another great way to meet students who have similar interests.

[]  May I have a single room?

We do not allow first year students to live in a single room during the first semester of residence. Single room requests by upper-class students and second semester first year students are granted based on availability and on a first come, first serve basis. During your second semester, if you wish to move to a designated single room or purchase a double room as a Super Single, contact your Area Coordinator.

[]  Where do I eat?

You'll be placing hot entrees, hamburgers, salad, cereal, soup or dessert on your plate at the Benham-Pence Student Center Dining Room, commonly referred to as the CDR, which serves the entire residence hall community. For your first year you are required to contract for the Carte Blanche or 225 meal plan with 100 bonus dollars additional for each plan. You can use these bonus dollars to buy snacks or meals at Post 95 in the Student Center, Simply to Go in the Barbara Deer Kuss Science Center, Founders, and/or additional meals in the Center Dining Room.

[]  May I have a refrigerator in my room?

We allow one refrigerator per double room, and they must meet the following specifications: 120 volts, 60 cycle AC, 200 watts, 2 amps. Micro-fridges (one per room) are available for rent through Open Space Concepts (www.openspaceconcepts.com).

[]  May I have a microwave in my room?

The only type of microwave that is permitted in residence hall rooms is a microwave/refrigerator combination unit. You are not permitted to have a stand-alone microwave. Micro-fridges (one per room) are available for rent through Open Space Concepts (www.openspaceconcepts.com).  If you do not obtain a micro-fridge, there is one common microwave available in each of the residence halls.

[]  Who will clean my room?

You and your roommate are responsible for your room; building service personnel clean common areas, such as lounges and bathrooms.

[]  Who will do my laundry?

You will quickly become an expert in detergent, bleach, and what does and doesn't go in the dryer! Laundry facilities in each hall include washers and dryers are free of charge...no need to bring quarters!!

[]  Where can I study?

You may:

  • Use your own desk or stretch out on your bed with your books. Each hall has quiet hours Sunday through Thursday from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. with 24 hour courtesy hours. Friday and Saturday quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. with 24 hour courtesy hours.
  • Take your books to one of the study lounges in your residence hall
  • Find a comfortable desk or soft chair at the University library
  • Spread out your work in a classroom in one of the academic buildings
  • Occupy a table in Post 95 or the CDR
[]  What size is the mattress in my room? Should I purchase extra-long sheets?

All of our residence halls offer extra-long twin mattresses and sheets purchased should be the extra-long twin size.  You may purchase extra-long twin sheets from Residence Hall Linens, a company that has contracted with Wittenberg to help with student linen needs, or obtain extra-long sheets from any retail outlet.

[]  May I bring my own loft?

For quality control of safety standards, the only lofts permitted in the residence halls are those available through Open Space Concepts (www.openspaceconcepts.com). Lofts can be rented only for those living in Tower and Firestine Halls. Beds in all of the other halls, however, are designed to bunk.

[]  Are there computers in my residence hall?

Yes, in every residence hall you can use the computers around the clock to write a paper, research using the library's resources, e-mail a professor or friend, or browse the Internet. A network connects all the computers on campus in administration and academic buildings, and in every residence hall. All of our residence halls offer wireless internet.

[]  Are pets allowed in the residence halls?

Students are not permitted to keep pets within the confines of University housing or on campus grounds. Fish are the only exception to the pet policy in suitable aquariums. If you are trying to decide whether to set up an aquarium, please keep in mind that halls close over the Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks, and all electrical appliances are to be unplugged. Aquariums must also be drained for each break and fish taken home.

[]  Is there storage during the year?

We do not have storage space available during the school year nor are we able to offer storage over the summer.  The Residence Life Office keeps a list of nearby storage unit facilities, available upon request.

[]  What's security like on campus?

Wittenberg Police officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day and are available in case of emergency. Security telephones are located about campus, and the Escort Service operates every night.

[]  May I bring a bike or car?

Both are allowed. Your bicycle can be locked in the racks outside the residence hall: we recommend a high-security shackle lock. Public areas inside the residence hall are not appropriate for storing your bike.

You can get around Springfield without a car. A City bus can take you to the mall or one of several other shopping locations in Springfield. Within two blocks of campus you have access to several fast food places and restaurants, a deli, hair and tanning salons, a drug store, gift shop, coffee shop, dry cleaners, and convenience mart.

If you bring a car, be aware that parking is limited. Expect to park a greater distance from your residence hall than the distance between your driveway/garage and your home. All cars on campus must be registered. To register your vehicle, you may visit the Wittenberg Police Division, located in the Recitation Annex. The department is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Vehicle registration can also be done online, by logging on to MyWitt and clicking on "Biographical Information Update” and clicking on the Vehicle Update link. Failure to register your vehicle may result in a fine.


[]  Does Wittenberg carry insurance to cover my belongings in the halls??

Wittenberg University's property insurance does not cover the personal effects of students. Consult your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to determine whether you are covered under their homeowner's insurance policy. If you are not covered, you are encouraged to secure renter's insurance for your protection against liability and loss of personal property.  Low cost Renter's Insurance can be purchased through Sallie Mae Insurance Services.

[]  My mailing address - May I have items shipped to Wittenberg before I arrive on campus?

Yes!  Anything shipped to you before your arrival on campus will be held for you at the Service Center in the lower level of the Benham-Pence Student Center.  Please pick up your package(s) at your earliest convenience once you arrive.

You will have the same mailbox -thus the same address- until you graduate from Wittenberg. Mailboxes are located on the lower level of the Benham-Pence Student Center, and you'll receive your box number and combination on your housing assignment letter.

PLEASE NOTE:  Your mailing address will differ depending on the method that mail/packages are sent.


Your name
Wittenberg University-Campus Box ______
P.O. Box 6100
Springfield, OH 45501-6100


Your name
Wittenberg University-Campus Box ______
734 Woodlawn Avenue
Springfield, OH 45504

Student Accounts
[]  How and when do I get a bill?

Statements are emailed to students on a monthly basis and are also accessible via the MyWitt Portal. (Wittenberg does not mail paper statements). The FALL semester statement is emailed the first week of July and the SPRING semester statement is emailed the first week of December.  For more information about the features offered by eStatements (including how to authorize access for parents), please check out this resource.

It is important to finalize payment arrangements before classes begin. After classes commence, students become extremely busy with studies and educational activities leaving very little time to deal with financial matters. Not adhering to the statement due dates can result in late payment penalty fees and/or cancellation of enrollment.

[]  What if I don’t receive a bill?

Contact the Office of Student Accounts at 937-327-6146, view your bill online via the MyWitt Portal, or Email: studentaccounts@wittenberg.edu

[]  What if I believe my bill is incorrect?

DO NOT WAIT FOR A CORRECTED BILL Contact the office that originates the charge or credit that is in question.  Campus contact information can be found here. Updated/adjusted statements can be accessed via the MyWitt Portal at any time.

[]  What if I have a credit balance?

Refund requests for credit balances are processed every Monday after the 1st week of a term. Requests for refunds must be submitted to the Office of Student Accounts by 4:00pm on Friday in order for the refund to be processed the following Monday. Refunds will be electronically disbursed to the refund preference you have selected on your Wittenberg OneCard. Requesting a refund is quick and easy – click here to submit your refund request.

[]  How do I find information about my Wittenberg OneCard?

To assist you further and provide more information about the Wittenberg OneCard and HigherOne, the following links have been created:

Wittenberg OneCard - EasyHelp

Wittenberg OneCard - FAQ

Wittenberg OneCard - Home Page

[]  May I subtract the Federal Work Study from my Balance Due?

Because these funds are only earned as you work the hours, your student employment award cannot be subtracted from your bill at the beginning of the semester. You can choose to either receive your payroll directly via your Wittenberg OneCard, or sign over all or a portion of your earnings to be paid toward your tuition bill for subsequent semesters.

[]  What is billed on my Student Account?

Your initial Wittenberg bill can include charges for Tuition, Room, Board, Student Activity Fee, and Technology Fee. You can view a list of basic expenses here.

Subsequent statements will be emailed on a monthly basis after the start of the semester and can reflect miscellaneous charges from a number of different offices (Applied music fees, Lab fees, Parking tickets, Bookstore charges, Health Center, etc…).

[]  What are Wittenberg’s payment options for my Tuition Expenses?

Wittenberg realizes the growing concern to provide a high quality education, while still meeting other personal budget demands. In response, we have taken a leadership role in providing affordable alternatives to help families meet this increasing challenge. Wittenberg is pleased to offer a number of payment options to aid in covering your college expenses.

[]  Do you accept payment of tuition by credit card?

In addition to accepting electronic payment directly from a checking or savings account, Wittenberg also offers a credit card payment option to our students/families (additional processing fees are applicable). Click here to make a credit card payment.

[]  How does Tuition Management Systems work?

Tuition Management Systems (TMS) is one of our most popular methods of payment. TMS allows you to spread your entire year’s cost over a span of 10 months (interest-free). There is a nominal enrollment fee of $65. The phone number to reach TMS is 1-800-722-4867. You can also establish your payment plan budget on the web at www.afford.com. You will need the student’s social security number as well as the total amount that you want to budget for the academic year.

[]  When does Wittenberg receive our payments from TMS?

You will make your payments to TMS by the 1st of each month and TMS submits confirmation of those payments to the University by the end of the month (and we post the payment to your account at that time).

[]  Why did I receive a statement? I am on the TMS payment plan.

eStatements from the University are sent on a monthly basis. The statement is for your records. It is always important to review your actual charges in comparison to your budgeted amount with TMS. If upon review you find that your budgeted amount needs adjusted, please contact TMS directly at (800) 722-4867.  Any miscellaneous charges that you do not have reflected in your TMS budget should be paid directly to the University by the statement due date.

[]  Can I cash a personal check on campus?

Students can cash personal checks, with proper identification, at the Office of Student Accounts, 3rd floor Recitation Hall. There is a $50.00 per check, per student, per day limit.

[]  Is transportation available to and from the airport?

Yes.  Wittenberg has contracted with Willow Wind Transportation Services to provide airport transportation to students during scheduled university break closings.  Transportation is offered to and from the Dayton and Columbus airports only and at predetermined dates and times.  For additional details and a complete schedule, please see the Wittenberg Motor Pool web site.

[]  Can my parents make my airline reservation for me?

The airport reservation form is designed for the student to complete. You must log into “My Witt” to request airport transportation and your student I.D. number is required. The charge for the transportation is billed to your student account so no cash is needed at the time of your departure or arrival. Parents can access the form if they have your required information and passwords.

Health & Counseling Center
[]  Where is the student health center located?

The student health center is located in the lower level of the Shouvlin Center, Room 003.

[]  What are the hours of operation for the health center?

The health center is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

[]  Is there always a doctor available?
The doctor is available: Monday, Thursday, Friday 8:30 a.m.- 11:30 a.m.
  Tuesday, Wednesday 1:00 p.m.- 3:30 p.m.

Whenever the doctor is not available, students may always see a nurse for evaluation of any illness or injury.

[]  If I require medical attention after the health center is closed, where may I receive care?

After-hour medical care may be received at urgent care centers located near campus or at the Springfield Regional Medical Center.

[]  Is there a charge to see the physician or nurse?

There is a minimal fee assessed with each student visit to the health center. This charge is billed to your student account.

[]  Do you accept my insurance plan?

Wittenberg does not bill private insurance companies. All fees incurred at the health center are billed directly to your student account.

[]  Does Wittenberg offer student health insurance?

No.  As of the 2012-2013 academic year, the university will not offer a health insurance plan for individual students, with the exception of the following:  

Students desiring insurance coverage who have not hometown broker to arrange it can access a broker through this website: http://www.nahu.org/consumer/findagent2.cfm.  An independent insurance agent can assist you in finding the most appropriate individual plan at the most cost-effective rate.  These arrangements should be made well in advance to arrival on campus.

[]  Does the health center have a web site?

Yes.  Please click on the following link: http://www5.wittenberg.edu/administration/health_wellness.html.

[]  If I am currently seeing a therapist or psychiatrist can I transfer my sessions to the Wittenberg Counseling Service?

The Counseling Service office provides crisis intervention and brief therapy sessions but is unable to provide on-going therapy sessions.   The Service can assist you in locating local resources, or you can talk with your current providers  who can facilitate a referral in Springfield (Clark County.)

[]  Is there a psychiatrist who prescribes medications?

There are psychiatric services available in Springfield (Clark County) but a psychiatrist is not available at the Health and Counseling offices.

Student Employment
[]  What is Student Employment?

The Student Employment Office at Wittenberg University serves to provide employment opportunities to students with financial aid work awards. Students are given an opportunity to further enhance their classroom experiences by obtaining work-study jobs at settings both on and off campus. This can not only assist in development of a possible career path, but also defray the cost of some college expenses.

[]  Who works for Student Employment?

All full-time students who have been issued a work award in their financial aid package are eligible to work through student employment. Work awards include Federal Work-Study and Student Employment awards. Student Employment offers jobs on and off campus in many different environments. On campus, students have the opportunity to work one on one with professors as well as many of the offices found around campus. Our wonderful Off-Campus Community Partnership Program offers many opportunities too. Working an off-campus job helps you to obtain a connection to the Springfield community. This program allows our students to work in schools, businesses and many other types of settings. Please note that having a work award is not a guarantee of employment, and positions are highly competitive. 

[]  How do I get a job?

·         Beginning June 1, 2015, visit our job posting page at www.wittenberg.edu/studentjobs.

·         Click on the tab "Finding a Job" and select "job postings."

·         Select jobs that interest you.

·         Read through the job description thoroughly.

·         Contact employer to express interest in the advertised position. To email an employer, click on the email address given in the position description. 

·         Contact the employer by phone two weeks after e-mailing your application to ensure they know you are interested.

·         Ask if you should set-up an interview during New Student Days or within the first weeks on campus.

·         Be confident and pursuant. Because positions are competitive, begin your job search as soon as possible. Finding a job over the summer will be a lot less stressful than if you wait until you arrive on campus in the fall. 

            Not all positions are posted on the website, so feel free to contact departments directly.

[]  What are my next steps after I find a job?

Once a student secures a position, the student must complete all necessary paperwork.  Before a student may begin working, the following forms must be on file in the Office of Student Employment.

·         Student employment contract, signed by both the student and the student’s supervisor. 

                ·         U.S. Department of Justice Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)

(This form requires you to present original forms of identification.  Therefore, if you plan on working through student employment, you are encouraged to bring original forms of ID with you to campus in August.  If you have an unexpired passport, that is an acceptable form of ID all by itself.  If not, you will need to provide two other forms of original ID. The most common forms of ID to use for verification include a driver’s license and a social security card or birth certificate.  Wittenberg IDs will NOT satisfy the government requirements.  A complete listing of acceptable ID can be found on our website at www.wittenberg.edu/studentemploymentpaperwork

·         Federal and state tax forms

·         Other tax forms (International students only)



[]  When and how do I get paid?

After a student has completed all required paperwork, the student will have a time card on MyWitt under “time entry,” and may begin working.  Students must enter hours worked on the time card and submit the time card electronically by the deadline.  Time cards are always due by noon on the second business day of the following month.  Students are paid monthly, usually on the 15th of each month. Pay is deposited into the student’s activated HigherOne account.  It is also possible for pay to go directly to your student account.  To do this, a form must be completed in the Office of Student Employment.  When a student earns the total amount of their work award, they are no longer permitted to work for the remainder of the academic year.

[]  How do activate my HigherOne Account?

To activate your HigherOne account, log onto www.wittenbergone.com.   This website as well as a toll free number can be found on the back of the Wittenberg student ID.  If a student would prefer the pay to be deposited in an established bank account, this can be arranged through HigherOne as well.   

More information regarding student employment may be found on our website at www.wittenberg.edu/studentemployment

[]  What is the easiest way to order my textbooks?

The easiest way is to wait until you are registered for classes.

-          Visit wittenberg.edu

-          Select myWitt/Email, then select myWitt

-          Enter Username and Password (student account information)

-          Select Shedule, then select term (F13)

-          The schedule will appear

-          Select “View Textbook List For Your Class” (Right, Bottom of Screen)

-          The Wittenberg University Bookstore website will appear

-          Select the textbook Choices you prefer (New, Used, Rental, Digital)

-          Add item to cart and review cart

-          Create an Account or use Guest Checkout

-          Select store pickup (order will be ready on Move-In Day)

-          Choose payment

-          Verify order is correct and place order

-          Pick up your order on move-in day

[]  Can I use my Financial Aid or Student Account at the bookstore?

Yes, your Student ID number on the front of your Wittenberg ID card is used to make purchases at the Bookstore. Every student at Wittenberg University is set up with a student account at the bookstore. You can use your student account to purchase textbooks, school supplies, general reading books, and backpacks. Out award winning Nook is also available to be put on student accounts.

[]  Can I use my Student Account as payment online?

Yes. When filling out the payment portion online you will select student financial aid as the payment option and type in your student ID number. Please be aware that renting textbooks will require you to put in credit card information to complete the transaction. Your credit card will not be charged as long as you return the rental on time and in good condition

[]  If I have a Book Scholarship or Grant how do I use these funds at the bookstore?

We will process the order using the student ID number. The bookstore then bills the university and any funds available are applied to the balance. It is important to note that a receipt must be turned into the financial aid office. Please ask the cashier to print an additional copy of the receipt for your records.

[]  There are so many different options for textbooks. Which one is right for me?

It really depends on your preferences. New and Used is pretty simple. You actually own a copy of the textbook. At the end of the term you can choose to keep it or sell it back to the bookstore for CASH. Renting your textbooks is becoming extremely popular on campuses all around the country. It accounts for a over a 50% savings of a purchasing a new textbook, but before you decide check out the information in the Rental section. Digital is a great option for students looking to save. We have a savings of 60% on some digital titles.

-If you ever have any questions when ordering your textbooks online please give us a call and we will help you figure out the best option.

[]  What if I find out I don't need a textbook after I purchased it?

Here at the Bookstore we want to make sure you get the right textbook and are fully prepared for class. With this in mind, we allow you to return textbooks and rental textbooks the first week of classes with your receipt. After the first week, if you drop a class we allow you to return textbooks for the first 30 days of the term with a drop slip. This policy allows you to attend your class and make sure you have the right textbooks. The exception is digital textbooks. Once a digital textbook has been accessed there is no way to reverse the transaction.

[]  If I bought new or used textbooks and I do not want to keep them, what do I do?

SELL them back for CASH! Throughout the year we purchase textbooks back. This is how we have used textbooks to offer the next term. The best time to sell back purchased textbooks is at the end of the term. A student ID is required. Bring in the textbooks, and we will look them up in our database. If the books are being used the next term, are in good condition, and are not overstocked you will get 50% of the selling price. Otherwise, prices are determined by current national demand. Some books have little or no value or may be old editions, so we cannot buy them back.

[]  What is Textbook Rental?

Textbook rental is simple! Now at your campus bookstore, you can rent the textbooks you need for the semester, then return them at the end of the term. Saving over 50%! That's right, renting textbooks can save you more than 50% over the cost of purchasing a new, printed textbook.

[]  How do I pay for my textbook rental?

Most forms of payment currently accepted at the bookstore can also be used for rentals. We do require a credit card be kept on file, even if you pay with a different method. Why? Because if the textbook is not returned we still need to replace it for next student renting. We’ll need to charge you for it.

[]  How long is the rental period?

The rental period begins the day you pay for the textbook rental and continues until the day after the last day of finals, as shown on your Order Confirmation. All rented textbooks must be returned to the bookstore, in good condition, by the Rental Return Due Date. Textbook rentals returned via mail must be postmarked by the Rental Return Due Date.

[]  Can I mark up the inside of the book with a highlighter or make notes in the margins?

Normal use of highlighting and writing is permitted. The bookstore will use the same standards for determining acceptable condition of rental textbooks that it uses for determining condition of books sold back as used books.

[]  Can the bookstore refuse to accept my textbook rental when I return it?

Yes, the bookstore can refuse to accept your rental book if it is not returned in good condition. Good condition will be judged by the bookstore alone, and generally means book spine intact, no excessive damage to cover or contents, all original pages intact, all original components present, and no excessive highlighting, writing or other markings. Normal-use highlighting and writing is permitted. If the bookstore determines your book to be not acceptable for return, then you will be charged for a replacement copy and a processing fee.

[]  What happens if I do not return the book by the due date?

You will be charged for a replacement textbook along with a processing fee. The replacement cost and processing fee will be charged to the credit card on file. The book will be yours to keep. If the books is lost you will be charged the replacement cost plus the processing fee for any book not returned to the bookstore, regardless of the reason. These fees are in addition to the rental fee.

·         Replacement Cost is 75% of the selling price of your book at the time of purchase.

·         Processing Fee is 7.5% of the selling price at the time of purchase.

·         These fees are in addition to the rental fee.

[]  What if I forget when the rental is due?

As a courtesy, we will send a reminder notice to the email address you provided during your rental checkout and on your rental agreement. However, it is your responsibility to return the book by the due date even if you do not receive this email. Please remember that rental books are due back – or must be postmarked by – the day after the last day of Finals.

[]  What is an eTextbook?

An eTextbook is a digital, downloadable version of a physical textbook. eTextbooks are meant to be read on your MAC or PC via our e-Reader application. The eTextbooks are run off an application called YUZU. eTextbooks can be used on apple Ipads. You can read your eTextbook on up to two (2) computers. For more information please visit the eTextbook FAQ on the bookstore website.

[]  How do I purchase an eTextbook?

1.     Find the title that you want to purchase, verify that we offer it in digital format, and then select the "Buy" or "Rent" option for the title.

2.     Download and install your e-Reader application on your computer.

3.     Open your e-reader application and click the “Redeem” button to enter the access code from your receipt.

4.     Once the title has been loaded into your library, click the book to download it to your computer.

5.     Once it finishes downloading, you're ready to read your book!

[]  How can I find out about special discounts and other offers at the bookstore?

You are always welcome to stop by the bookstore in person, or we would love to include you in our customized, opt-in communications program.  Click on this link to sign up for periodic e-mails from the bookstore with special information and discount coupons!

[]  What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact us at the bookstore at any time with questions.

Bookstore Contact:

Store Manager: Tim Gognat

Phone: 937.327.7457

Fax: 937.327.7458

Email: gognatt@wittenberg.edu

Website: http://wittenberg.bncollege.com/