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Welcome to My Course Preferences at Wittenberg! 

Note - While they may be completed in any order, if you have not yet taken your math or foreign language placement exams, it is best do so before beginning My Course Preferences. (The placement exams may be found on the MyWitt portal (http://my.wittenberg.edu). Once logged in please select "Placement Exams" under the My ToDo list.) 

My Course Preferences is intended to give you an introduction to academic life at Wittenberg. You will also be asked to indicate your course preferences for the Fall Semester. Those preferences are what the University Registrar will use to build you an individual schedule that takes into account your stated academic interests and also gets you started on Wittenberg’s liberal arts curriculum.
If you have any questions about the process that are not answered in our FAQ section (Click here for our FAQs), please contact our Summer Orientation Coordinator at (937) 327-7891 or via e-mail at summerorientation@wittenberg.edu

The Power of the Liberal Arts

For more than 160 years, Wittenberg has insisted on providing an active, engaged educational environment where a student’s capacity to think, read, and communicate with precision, understanding, and imagination stands at the core. It’s the liberal arts with an edge, and students' lives are forever changed as a result.